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About Har Shalom


Har Shalom is translated as Mountain of Peace. Our synagogue is located in Durango, Colorado, the heart of the Four Corners region of the United States. The area is diverse in its geography, ranging from snow-covered mountains of the San Juans, to desert lands and red rock sculptures of Utah, to oil and gas-producing lands of northern New Mexico and Native American reservation lands of northern Arizona. Congregation Har Shalom serves as the source for Jewish community and spirituality for a 200-mile radius around the Four Corners. Congregants often travel over one hour to attend services and participate in Jewish community events at our Durango synagogue. Because Durango is the home of many notable tourist attractions, we are frequent hosts to visitors searching for a Jewish connection during their travels.


Our goal is to offer a welcoming community for residents and visitors alike, where all can experience comfort in sharing Judaism in a warm and friendly environment.



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