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Shabbat Morning Services

Please contact us for more information

Shabbat morning services at Har Shalom begin with a brief instrumental / nigun to allow us to become 'present'.  Our service follows our prayer book, the Reform Mishkan T'Filah Siddur, with selected prayers and readings.  Many of our prayers are sung in contemporary melodies with accompaniment by Martin on the mandolin.  


After introductory prayers, the service usually lasts about 2 hours, and includes Har Shalom's uniquely reverent 'drive-by' Torah reading or, if there is a minyan, with a more traditional Torah reading.  We mention everyone during a Mi'Shebeirach and recognize Yahrtzeits with reading of Kaddish, whether or not we have a minyan. Kiddush and Ha'Motzi follow services.

All are welcome, and we often add new melodies, depending on attendees. We are a serious, but open and welcoming group.  Worshippers are welcome to come and go depending on their schedules.

For the safety and security of our community we request that first time visitors please reach out a few days before attending. Feel free to email, text or call.

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