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Har Shalom Traditions


Shalom and welcome to Congregation Har Shalom.  We are a congregation of mountain Jews from diverse backgrounds and experiences.  We strive to make everyone feel welcome and comfortable at services, member, potential member, or guest, Jewish or not.  We know that one way to make people feel more at ease and able to experience the spirit of the service is to understand the traditions, or minhag, of Congregation Har Shalom.


Har Shalom is not affiliated with any single movement or denomination and caters to the spiritual needs of all who are looking for community and prayer. We welcome all types of observances, especially since we are the only Jewish synagogue in the very large Four Corners area.  

Kashrut Policy


Our Kashrut policy aims to respect certain principles while allowing some flexibility. We do not permit pork or shellfish in the synagogue. Our meals do not mix meat and dairy products. 


Many of our catered and pot-luck Shabbat meals include chicken and salads. For Passover, strict adherence is not expected, but the use of leavened bread products is not permitted. Given the recent ruling regarding Sephardic traditions, legumes are acceptable during Passover.

Dress Code


Our dress code is informal, but we ask that worshippers dress respectfully. Yarmulkes and tallit are available at the door, but are not required.



We celebrate Shabbat and most of the holidays.  Our services include prayer and music, and we draw from a variety of melodies.  We enjoy our musical ensemble (guitar, mandolin, drums, and voice) during special events such as High Holy Days, and invite congregants to participate. We love fresh ideas and encourage new people to join us in prayer and celebration.

For the safety and security of our community, we request that first time visitors please reach out a few days before attending. Feel free to email, text or call.

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