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Tzedakah & Yahrtzeits

Yahrtzeit Project: We have organized all the Yahrzeits that we know of and put them in a database so that we will be able to send you a reminder and a beautiful Yahrzeit prayer at the beginning of the month in which your loved one passed.

You may add Yahrtzeit information using the membership form below.  If you feel moved to, make a contribution to the temple in memory of your loved one and/or buy a beautiful leaf in their honor by clicking on a button below.

Tzedakah: sharing one's bounty through donations to worthy causes, is a fundamental precept of Judaism.


Congregation Har Shalom of course is such a cause, and has many opportunities and methods through which one can fulfill the mitzvah of tzedakah. Many congregants make contributions throughout the year in honor of family blessings or events, or in memory of lost loved ones.

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